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A simple & transparent pricing

£199 Monthly subscription on top of per ticket pricing based on your volume.
No set-up fees or hidden costs.

400 to 1,500 tickets/mo
£2.45 /ticket
1.501 to 5,000 tickets/mo
£2.25 /ticket
5.001 to 10,000 tickets/mo
£2.15 /ticket
10.001 to 30,000 tickets/mo
£2.05 /ticket
More than 30,000 tickets/mo

Our clients love Onepilot

"We partnered with Onepilot to support us across multi brand markets and help us deliver exceptional customer experience to our consumers. The Onepilot team have delivered quick and knowledgeable solutions for every challenge we faced together. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership as we expand our brands and market opportunities."

Claire Wilson

eBusiness Director

“Onepilot really took up the challenge on helping become more flexible, provide accurate answers all whist with an amazing time of response! They really know how to train agents and provide great advice in customer service. One of the greatest things is that our CX Manager now has more time to think about the strategy and give meaningful feedback to our product and marketing teams”

Alexandre Venturino


“Thanks to Onepilot we have cut our Customer Service spend in half while reduced our time to respond by over 100%. Our customers are always satisfied with their experience with us AND our internal team can now focus on the essential!"

Holly Crossley

Head of Ecommerce


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Flexible and
scalable offer

We provide simple and flexible outsourced customer care and strive for best in class performance

Picto Whenever


Switch us on and off on the time slots you want from 7am to 1am CET, 7/7

Picto Whatever


Ready for your most complex tickets from level 1, 2 or 3

Picto Wherever


Omnichanel coverage: Chat, Phone, SMS, Mail, Messaging app

Join +200 E-merchants who already trust us!

Frequently asked questions

Which processes can you manage?

We support all your processes, even the most complex ones. These are some examples of processes we handle for our clients: order management, refunds, ID validation, subscription management, technical support, user management, social media moderation and many more.

Which languages do you support?

At the moment, we support French, German, Spanish and English. More languages to come.

Is there any minimum volume required or commitment?

You will only have a minimum of 400 tickets per month but no commitment or set-up fees.

How do I get onboard?

It's simple! We set up an onboarding call with you (max 1.5h) and your account manager will ask you a list of questions to cover all important points, like your way of working and tone of voice. With all the answers you give us and your existing documentation (if you have some), your account manager will build your knowledge base. You can always edit it, anytime. After that, we train our agents and we're up to speed in 48h. If there's something we're unsure of, we'll be in touch right away to make sure everything is resolved as fast as possible.

Which ticketing software do you support?

We support all your ticketing tools, without the hassle of lengthy integration: Zendesk, Intercom, Gorgias, Freshdesk, Aircall, Kustomer, HelpScout, Front, AgoraPulse, Hootsuite, Hubspot, Crisp, Jira, Ringover, Salesforce, Trello and many more.

Which back-office tools do you support?

We support all your back-office tools, without the hassle of lengthy integration: MangoPay, Recharge, Stripe, Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bold, PayPal, Be2Bill-Dalenys, ProcessOut, Urbantz, Presto, Shipup and many more.

Do I need to use Onepilot full time or can I use it after-hours only?

Onepilot is perfectly suitable as a complement to your internal agents. We can handle your support full time or just during slots you define on your dashboard (peak activity, night, week-ends...). You have full control of how you want to use our service.