What's behind


Our story

It all started with 5 ex e-merchants convinced that customer care is a profit center

Obsessed with providing instant, expert and round-the-clock answers to their users, they faced the challenge of doing it with internal resources while the state of the art customer care outsourcing was not matching their expectations

Few months later, +200 e-merchants outsource their customer care tickets to Onepilot in the most flexible and efficient way

Picture of Onepilot's team

Our values

Picto Pricing

Lead by example

We have a preference for action. We do not ask other people to do things we're not willing to do

Picto flexibility

Keep pushing to get results

We have great ambitions and deliver measurable results. We strive to get better, and to make a difference as a team

Picto Agents

Care, act fairly

We care for our team and our clients. We consider each opinion without bias or ego

Picto Channels

Be passionate, have fun

We love what we do. Our team, our mission and our product motivate us to improve every day

Picto Integrations

Take ownership

We are curious, take initiative and hold ourselves accountable for what we do

Onepilot's key figures

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Meet some of our Pilots

Our employees go by the name “Pilots”. They are curious, willing and passionate people who want to deliver a simple, flexible and a top-notch outsourced customer care!

Photo de Adrien Hugon
Adrien Hugon
CEO & Co-founder
Photo de Lucas Bornert
Lucas Bornert
COO & Co-founder
Photo de Pierre Latscha
Pierre Latscha
CCO & Co-founder
Photo de Kenza El Ghadouini
Kenza El Ghadouini
CHRO & Co-founder
Photo de Robin Monnier
Robin Monnier
CPO & Co-founder
Photo de Chahinèze Akli
Chahinèze Akli
Photo de Manon Coquard
Manon Coquard
Data security & protection officer
Photo de George Loraine
George Loraine
Expansion Manager
Photo de Arthur Perrin
Arthur Perrin
Seniour Account Manager
Photo de Angie Teikihakaupoko
Angie Teikihakaupoko
Operations Associate
Photo de Bastien Hullessen
Bastien Hullessen
Head of product
Photo de Camille Friboulet
Camille Friboulet
Product Designer
Photo de Sarah Legaillard
Sarah Legaillard
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Photo de Juliette Cointe
Juliette Cointe
Sales Manager
Photo de Robin Lecasble
Robin Lecasble
Sales Manager Team Lead
Sacha Béraud
Sacha Béraud
Yasmina Elaziz
Yasmina Elaziz
Lead Dev Full Stack
Baptiste Salvi
Baptiste Salvi
Engineering Manager