Benefits of outsourcing your customer service

with Onepilot

Native agents empowered by our proprietary tech platform to efficiently solve all kinds of tickets, across all channels, 24/7

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The conviction that being tech-driven will improve the state of the art of the industry

Heroes sourcing

Scalable & replicable agents acquisition funnel leading to select less than 5% of applicants

Heroes sourcing

Proprietary Learning Management System ensuring that no heroes can shift without upfront or running e-learning materials and assessments



Ticket center

Ticket routing through API, based on qualifications, typology and agent load to deliver best-in-class SLAs


Built by your Onepilot account manager, based on proven onboarding SOPs and a library of industry templates leading to less than 2% escalation rate


Knowledge Base

Quality insurance

Constant CSAT improvement via frequent and diligent quality checks. Approx. 30% of our heroes’ payout is based on quality scheme


Granular analytics embedded in the Onepilot app to track Onepilot performances in real time



Omnichannel coverage

Our Heroes, empowered by our tech platform, are perfectly trained to answer your customers on all the channels your target audience prefers

The Must Have
We provide a less than 1 hour first response time
The Mandatory
We provide a less than 30 seconds first response time
The Very Nice to Have
We provide a less than 1 hour seconds first response time
The Global one
We provide a less than 1 hour first response time
The Daily one
We provide a less than 15 minutes first response time
A powerful & cost efficient communication channel
response in less than 1 hour
62% of customers say that email support is a preferred way to communicate with brands.Email customer service is going to a non-negotiable channel especially for e-merchants. It offers asynchronous communication, so your customer does not have to wait on hold or queue to get a response.
A stronghold on email support can take your customer engagement strategy a long way, if you are able to provide personalized and fast response to your consumers
The most conventional channel for customer service teams
response in less than 30seconds
Phone calls are an effective channel and a natural way to communicate with your consumers. It is easier for the agents to identify clients' emotions and reduce miscommunications, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge to get right. Training a support team properly is an investment of time and effort.
A proactive way of supporting customers by avoiding a series of back & forth conversations.
response in less than 30 seconds
79% of customers prefer online chat support because of the immediacy it provides.Live chat can offer the lowest queue time unlike reactive communication channels in the business if it is well handled. Give your customers a response in the exact moment that they have questions or problems they can't solve
Reach a wider group of customers than traditional communication channels
response in less than 1 hour
With the rise of conversational business, social medias became an important communication channels for consumers.
Though, it can be challenging for brands to answer to all the requests while consumers are expecting prompt responses on these channels. Not answering a customer complaint on social media can lower consumer loyalty by 50%.
One of the most popular channels for customer service
response in less than 15 minutes
With over 2 billions active users and 100 billion delivered messages per day per month on messaging Apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook, this channel became an integral part of customer service.
Agents can answer multiple customers at the same time and doesn’t require real-time answers, which makes the solution more flexible for customers and less stressful for agents.
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Omnichannel coverage

Our Heroes, empowered by our tech platform, are perfectly trained to answer your customers on all the channels your target audience prefers

1 hour first response time
first response time under 30 seconds
response within 30 seconds
Social Media
answers in under 30 minutes
Messaging Apps
first response time under 15 minutes

Focus on your mission, not support

4 million
Tickets already processed
Escalation rate
26 mn
Average mail response time
Average CSAT
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Our clients love Onepilot

Onepilot’s team is always very helpful and responding, friendly and communicative. I think what matters the most is that everybody is willing to do their best to comply with our standards which is very important and reassuring for us!

Director of Operations & Product

Farina Schiffner

“There’s a real opportunity for brands to rise above competitors if they can piece together the entire customer journey and have it in front of the support agents. Onepilot can personalise that experience, it’s a win!”

Chief Operating Officer

Alexandre Venturino

"We have a really good follow-up of our agents on the Onepilot App. All the data of the processed requests is accessible whenever I want to, it is a simple and intuitive tool to use. Also, I can easily make the knowledge base evolve over time directly onto the platform, it is very convenient".

Head of care

Sophie Boileau

“Qualified answers, in live-time and 24/7 to our customers have raised our average baskets by +20% and our loyalty rate by 15% ! Thanks Onepilot”

Head of Operations

Baptiste Theissier

...Because their
clients love them

Thank you very much for your understanding and responsiveness.

Claudia C.

Thank you very much, your customer service is top notch.

Virginie C

thank you for taking care of my refund. This is the 2nd time I bought something from you and your customer service is exceptional.

Katerina H.

Excellent written exchange. Flexible, responsive and good understanding of my constraints. Thank you, this is rare!

Pierre S.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are your agents? Where are they based?

Our agents are based in France, the UK, Germany and Spain. Our agents have a minimum of 2 years of experience before joining us and passing a battery of tests. Once they have passed the test, they are trained and managed to ensure consistent high quality.

If I change a process, how can I let you know?

You have access to your knowledge base through your dashboard. You can edit a process there anytime.

Which processes can you manage?

We support all your processes, even the most complex ones. These are some examples of processes we handle for our clients: order management, refunds, ID validation, subscription management, technical support, user management, social media moderation and many more.

Which languages do you support?

At the moment, we support French, English, and all European languages. More languages to come.

Is there any minimum volume required or commitment?

You will only have a minimum of 700 tickets per month but no commitment or set-up fees.

How do I get onboard?

It's simple! We set up an onboarding call with you (max 1.5h) and your account manager will ask you a list of questions to cover all important points, like your way of working and tone of voice. With all the answers you give us and your existing documentation (if you have some), your account manager will build your knowledge base. You can always edit it, anytime. After that, we train our agents and we're up to speed in 48h. If there's something we're unsure of, we'll be in touch right away to make sure everything is resolved as fast as possible.

How do we communicate together?

We use a shared Slack channel to communicate. If you don't use Slack, your account manager is always available via email or phone. You can track in real-time your costs and other useful statistics on your Onepilot dashboard.

Which ticketing software do you support?

We support all your ticketing tools, without the hassle of lengthy integration: Zendesk, Intercom, Gorgias, Freshdesk, Aircall, Kustomer, HelpScout, Front, AgoraPulse, Hootsuite, Hubspot, Crisp, Jira, Ringover, Salesforce, Trello and many more.

Do I need to use Onepilot full time or can I use it after-hours only?

Onepilot is perfectly suitable as a complement to your internal agents. We can handle your support full time or just during slots you define on your dashboard (peak activity, night, week-ends...). You have full control of how you want to use our service.