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As an outsourced customer care solution, our agents are the beating heart of Onepilot

How to get onboard with us?

If you ❤️ to solve problems and help people, we might be a good match!
To apply as a Hero, you can do it in 3 simple steps

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Step 1

Apply on our platform by selecting the country you want to work for

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Step 2

Fill in your availability with the days and hours you would like to work with us

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Step 3

Pass our tests! If you're selected we will contact you shortly to start your onboarding

Heroes love Onepilot

A hero is a contractor agent in charge of solving our clients' tickets
empowered by our tech

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Heroes NPS
Heros retention rate
Average hourly pay
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"Onepilot has been the perfect company for me to work for. I have had the flexibility of choosing my own hours to determine how much I earn each month. The whole team are really supportive and friendly, which makes for a great work environment."


Support hero, Onepilot

"My time so far with Onepilot has been a gratifying learning experience as I've had an opportunity to see first-hand how customer service operations function. I've been given the space to thrive and apply my skillset as a proficient worker and am afforded with the flexibility to choose my own hours, all while working from the comfort of my own home!"


Support hero, Onepilot

What do we offer?

Manage your own schedule

We will match your schedule with our client’s need

Flexible shifts 7/7 from 7am to 1am

Be ON & OFF whenever you want to during the week

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Work from home

A good internet connection and a computer will be required to apply

Earn up to €20/£18 per hour

Earn more money than the industry average

Want to join our family of Heroes?

Got questions about the job?

We will be happy to answer all your questions before applying on our platform

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