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Because your security doesn't wait, offer 24/7 customer service just a click away

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customer care challenges

70% of customers would switch to a competitor after just one negative experience

Provide instant and round the clock support

Less than 1 hour answer by mail is new standard

Offer a maximum customer care time coverage

 +50% of insurance related interactions are made during non-office hours

Leverage good reviews

78% of companies believe they deliver “super experiences,” only 8% of customers agree

Make each interaction count

Convert prospects into clients and upsell or cross-sell them right after

Third parties relationship

Ensure instant and round the clock interactions with your partners

“Onepilot has been impressive in their capacity to scale their team and handle a large volume of tickets. Congrats!”

Samuel Goldstein

Co-Fondateur & Head of Growth, Legalplace

Picture of Thibaut Predhomme, Chief of staff at Sorare
"You successfully onboarded over 50 heroes in the first 4 weeks and the results are more than impressive (CSAT, FRT, QC...). And yet we know just how complex our processes are. The relationship with our Account Manager, Fardin is impressively professional, and I can't recommend the Onepilot team highly enough!"

Maryia Balbachan

Commercial Operations Lead, ZEGO

Our clients love Onepilot

“I have been very impressed by the capacity of Onepilot to provide consistent, high quality service to our users. They understood very fast our internal processes and have been able to deliver fast and accurate answers resulting in a 120% increase on our repeat business."
Picture of Celia Lopez, Head of customer Support at Getaround

Celia Lopez

Head of customer support

“Onepilot has been impressive in their capacity to scale their team and handle a large volume of tickets. Congrats!”
Picture of Glenda Barbosa, Head of customer Quality Experience at Leetchi

Glenda Barbosa

Head of customer quality experience

“We leverage on Onepilot global footprint to expand and scale alongside with them. The fact of having BFSI certified and native agents were a must have for us.”
Picture of Thibaut Predhomme, Chief of staff at Sorare

Thibaut Predhomme

Chief of staff


Benefits of outsourcing your customer care with Onepilot

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Our solution is built to handle all the challenges you are facing by providing a simple, flexible and qualitative outsourced customer care

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Frequently asked questions

Which processes can you manage?

We support all your processes, even the most complex ones. These are some examples of processes we handle for our clients: order management, refunds, ID validation, subscription management, technical support, user management, social media moderation and many more.

Which languages do you support?

At the moment, we support French, English, and all European languages. More languages to come.

How do we communicate together?

We use a shared Slack channel to communicate. If you don't use Slack, your account manager is always available via email or phone. You can track in real-time your costs and other useful statistics on your Onepilot dashboard.

Which back-office tools do you support?

We support all your back-office tools, without the hassle of lengthy integration: MangoPay, Recharge, Stripe, Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bold, PayPal, Be2Bill-Dalenys, ProcessOut, Urbantz, Presto, Shipup and many more.

Do you match my tone of voice?

Yes! That's our job 🙂