Outsourced customer care for C2C E-commerce


Offer the most inclusive and reactive customer support

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customer care challenges

Reach unbeatable levels of NPS to compete with legacy financial players

Provide fast, omnichannel answers

B2B customers are more exigeant than B2C ones and demanding for synchronous channels

Answer customer requests round the clock

Fintech support is all about extended hours reactivity
and trust

Launch and grow your market

Scale quickly into new markets while providing outstanding quality and costs savings

Leverage good reviews

Convert any prospect to client providing expert and sales driven answers

Handle regulated process

Provide agents with required training and level of certification to perform specific and sensitive tasks

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"Our results are good, bearing in mind that we have very high target metrics overall at Qonto. We had a CSAT of around 4.4 when we migrated, and we're now aiming for 4.7, which is almost unrivalled in the fintech or banking sectors. Stellar Customer Support is really one of Qonto's strategic pillars, and we are gradually achieving our targets with a set-up that works well with Onepilot."

Minh-Hai LE

Senior Director Strategic Operations, Qonto

Picture of Glenda Barbosa, Head of customer Quality Experience at Leetchi
“Onepilot has impressed me with its ability to grow its team and manage a large volume of tickets. Their organization is really effective, and allows you to delegate all or part of your customer service with peace of mind. Well done!”

Glenda Barbosa

Head of Customer Quality Experience, Leetchi

Our clients love Onepilot

“I have been very impressed by the capacity of Onepilot to provide consistent, high quality service to our users. They understood very fast our internal processes and have been able to deliver fast and accurate answers resulting in a 120% increase on our repeat business."
Picture of Celia Lopez, Head of customer Support at Getaround

Celia Lopez

Head of customer support

“Onepilot has been impressive in their capacity to scale their team and handle a large volume of tickets. Congrats!”
Picture of Glenda Barbosa, Head of customer Quality Experience at Leetchi

Glenda Barbosa

Head of customer quality experience

“We leverage on Onepilot global footprint to expand and scale alongside with them. The fact of having BFSI certified and native agents were a must have for us.”
Picture of Thibaut Predhomme, Chief of staff at Sorare

Thibaut Predhomme

Chief of staff


Benefits of outsourcing your customer care with Onepilot

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Our solution is built to handle all the challenges you are facing by providing a simple, flexible and qualitative outsourced customer care

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Frequently asked questions

Which processes can you manage?

We support all your processes, even the most complex ones. These are some examples of processes we handle for our clients: order management, refunds, ID validation, subscription management, technical support, user management, social media moderation and many more.

Which languages do you support?

At the moment, we support French, English, and all European languages. More languages to come.

How do we communicate together?

We use a shared Slack channel to communicate. If you don't use Slack, your account manager is always available via email or phone. You can track in real-time your costs and other useful statistics on your Onepilot dashboard.

Which back-office tools do you support?

We support all your back-office tools, without the hassle of lengthy integration: MangoPay, Recharge, Stripe, Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bold, PayPal, Be2Bill-Dalenys, ProcessOut, Urbantz, Presto, Shipup and many more.

Do you match my tone of voice?

Yes! That's our job 🙂