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Picture of Holly Crossley, Head of commerce at Dash
"As an E-commerce platform experiencing 3x growth over the last months, we were having trouble keeping up with the resulting increased number of tickets with our small internal team. With Onepilot, we went from 600 mails to backlog 0 in less than a week and from an average response time of 24/48h to 26 minutes which increased our CSAT from 89% to 95%”

Larry Szerer

CEO & Head of Digital E-Commerce, Almé

"The onboarding was super fast and easy. The overall collaboration has been very positive!  The Onepilot team are always very helpful, responsive, friendly and communicative. What matters the most is that everybody is willing to do their best to comply with our standards which is very important and reassuring for us!"

Farina Schiffner

Director of Operations & Product, Shape Republic