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Success stories

Jonak increases by +25% its CSAT while outsourcing its customer care

Jonak store, avenue des Ternes
Written by
Marine Catherine
Published on
June 15, 2023

Jonak, a family success story

Jonak, a French family business with unique expertise and traditions, has been putting shoes on French women since 1964. Today, it’s more than 60 boutiques in France and an e-commerce website in French and English. The brand is pursuing dynamic retail development in Europe.

A need to handle a higher volume of online orders

During the pandemic, the volume of online orders of the brand increased considerably and so did the requests for after-sales service. 

At the end of 2021, Managing Director Lisa Nakam decided to strengthen her teams by outsourcing her customer service. 

The aim was to continue to deliver exceptional customer service at all times of the year, but with one major constraint: not to relocate the service in order to guarantee a perfect understanding of all its customers' problems.

Outsourcing its customer care to ensure best-in-class customer experience

"We chose to outsource our customer service to Onepilot because the solution combines native agents, based in France, with proprietary AI-based technology, enabling them to respond to all our requests by email or telephone, quickly and efficiently".

In just 10 days, Jonak was integrated into the Onepilot platform, where all customer requests are centralised and handled by external agents who have undergone training at the Onepilot Academy. They become the perfect extension of Jonak's in-house teams. And so the adventure begins!

More than 30,000 tickets later and a Customer satisfaction score of +25% with Onepilot, Jonak is now planning to delegate other processes in France as well as in other countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Italy. 

Find out more about Jonak's strategy in the full success story below 👇

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