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Hire the best Customer Service Representatives thanks to an efficient scorecard

Customer service representatives scoring
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Published on
May 11, 2023

Save up costs by avoiding hiring errors

The annual employee turnover in customer care-related positions - appears between 18 and 25%. According to Sarah Boujendar’s thesis ‘The consequences of daily verbal aggression from customers on the exhaustion of resources and the performance of customer support employees”. 

Thus, it involves heavy costs in recruitment, management, and training, without taking into account hiring errors that can cost up to 30k€ according to a ManPower study

Upload our scorecard for free

Building a scorecard for hiring customer service representatives will help you identify the best candidates for the role and set them up for success in their new position.

It involves identifying the key competencies and skills that are critical for success in the role, as well as questions and use cases that will be used to measure performance.

Download our free scorecard template and interview sequence to:

  • Ease decision process with a clear matrix when hiring your future Customer Service Representatives
  • Limitate casting errors


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